Basic obby game


I made my first Roblox obby game.
If there is any bug you can tell on the Reply section.

Here is the game:


Hey, I just joined and tested the game, there seems to be no issues considering that it is a Basic Obby. I’d say try adding some invisible walls for each stage and their spawn platforms, and maybe some ways that would prevent people from trying to cheat in any type of way.

Furthermore, other than that, I liked your game and the gameplay was really nice. You should take some insipiration from famous obby games, such as obbies with 2,000+ stages etc.

Good job, and I can’t wait to see an update on it!

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It’s good but i have some critisizm,

So I know it’s supposed to be simple but honestly it looks like every other default obby I see all the time, so I think you should make the stages a bit more original maybe to say? Like more complex.

Also, I think you should stick with a simple colour scheme or not use so many bright colours and stuff, and then you can add some basic stuff like music and skyboxes and the game will be cool! oh and also some more stages would be good!

Anyways good job

As a first Roblox Obby Game, I would say it’s ok. I would give it a 9/10. But as @Chippry said, more stages would be good too. Im working on an Obby myself, it’s my first game on Roblox. I am 80% done. My plan is to make 50 stages ( I currently made 40), and add more stages in the upcoming updates.

You could do that too! Great job anyways!

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Yeah, I agree. More stages makes an obby what it is. Id recommend 50+ stages is minimum for a good obby game.


As your first build, this is awesome! Keep up the great work :+1:

Suggestions: (Second stage) Try resizing the kill bricks on this. Nothing to hard, just will make it look better :wink:

Okay i will resize them! :smiley:

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It looks really good for a basic obby. There are definitely some stuff you can change to make it look slightly better like stick to a color scheme and make the obbies a little harder.

Best of luck.