Basic Ragdoll System [SMALL UPDATE]

This technically does work with R15, but it is very janky and I do not recommend using it for R15. This was intended for R6 only

This module includes NPC and Player support with customizable ragdolls

Module Information

Module Link:
Example Place: Ragdoll System - Roblox


m.RigPlayer(character) sets up the ragdoll on a model, the other functions will not work without initializing this

m.Ragdoll(character) forces the model into ragdoll

m.Unragdoll(character) unragdolls the player, ragdolling will not stop until this is called

m.TempRagdoll(character, delay) temporarily ragdolls the player

m.AddImpulse(character, direction, force, duration) creates an align position that knocks the player back (align positions are used to make the knockback consistent)


m.UpperLimit determines the UpperLimit for limbs only

m.TwistLimits determines if limbs have twist limits

m.TwistUpper is the upper twist limit for limbs

m.TwistLower is the lower twist limit for limbs

m.NeckUpper determines the neck’s UpperLimit

m.MaxFrictionTorque is the force required to move the constraints

m.Restitution deteremines elasticity of the ragdoll

m.ColliderSize determines the size of the collider parts compared to the character parts

m.AutoGetup determines if the character automatically gets up after ragdoll or if jumping is required


local character = script.Parent -- set this to the character you want to ragdoll
local ragdollPackage = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.RagdollPackage.Main)


ragdollPackage.TempRagdoll(character, 2) -- temporary ragdolls for 2s on load

first reply plus the ragdoll looks goofy, i dont like when u ragdoll it just pushes u forward, it’s not good, also if u make it like the original ragdoll engine game i will love to use it

it pushing you forward is apart of the test place game, not the module
also its not r15, im not gonna make it like the ragdoll game engine because of that and the fact that i simply don’t want to
its customizable, do that yourself

I got rid of the flinging feature in the testing place to make it more clear what features are in the ragdoll and which ones are not

you should add a knockback function into the module, would be very useful for combat games, etc

ragdoll package default settings slightly different now as well

breh that’s not kind bro it will be good if u make it similar to that one

yeah that will be very good for combat

I will add that to the module, thanks for the idea!

Not intended to be rude. I just do not want to make it like the ragdoll system in ragdoll engine due to the fact that you can modify how the ragdolls look via the module, so it would waste my time

I added AddImpulse, a knockback feature + small features (i also made some functions in another module to make it easier to read in the main module)

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Modified AddImpulse (no velocity cap) + Updated testing place

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okay that’s okay man i can do it my self, but thanks for the module tho

Really liked the update, would be cool if you add something like , the recovery time, can’t get interrupted, that means, that, the recovery time stacks, and also add a option like can’t get up if the recovery timer is running

So add a recovery time feature where you automatically get up in a certain time if its set past 0?

this module is actually really good! I will probably replace my current ragdoll system with this module for a game I’m creating right now. I’d love to be kept updated on new changes. keep up the awesome work!

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Thank you, I originally was just gonna keep itto myself but then I decided to make it easy to use in other games bc i felt like it would be useful

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I haven’t had time to open Roblox studio so I’ll just ask you, is the ragdoll system server-sided?

yeah, and if trying to add more ragdoll or recovery time, it stacks

this is actually shaping up to be quite good!
Good luck on this project.