Basketball Rep U.I

New basketball game me and a couple of friends are making, wanted to show the new Rep U.I we’re making.

Basketball MyPark Test - Roblox [GAME]


Nice! Although not sure if it’s just me, but the U.I isn’t really centered with the model’s head. It’s more to the left.
Again, maybe it’s just the point of view, but I’m pretty sure it’s off.


Thanks for the feedback, but that’s just to showcase what the REP’s are by name.

They look really good, perhaps add a gradient to the brown/silver/gold bar?

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Thanks for the feedback! :happy1:

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Absolutely great and fun creation and idea, but there are a few notes about the game mechanics.

The throw could definitely use some improvements, perhaps some sort of way to see where exactly your shots are heading, with a throw strength level.

Also, something else I would love to see is a sprinting mechanism. Whenever you miss a shot, you can never catch up to the basketball. Or perhaps when you want to tackle somebody, they can just run away and not get caught for a very long time. If there was a stamina bar for sprinting it could definitely be strategically used and whatnot.

Other than that, I definitely had a lot of fun playing with my friend and would love to check it out again sometime later if you need somebody to test it out.


Nice keep up the work look’s good to me