Battle 10: New Concept Idea

You know Pac-Man 99 or Super Mario 25?

What if there was a game like those games, that uses and reworks on the platformer template in Roblox Studio. The main goal is to be last standing against 9 other players

However, everyone can view each other games which is why I mentioned Pac-Man 99 and Super Mario 25. There would be UI on each side of the screen which shows the other players screen and if you die you can watch the other players screen until the last one is standing.

Along with it, I was thinking of a voting system which you can vote for other maps. If the game ever gets into development, I would think of around 4 - 6 maps being built for the game with a lot of different parts for each map.

I just wanna know if it is a good game concept, because for me (And maybe only me, idk) It seems like a fun game. However I would like the players to enjoy it too.


I think a big appeal of those games is the nostalgia factor that comes with them. Both games you mentioned put a new spin on old classics that almost anyone could recognize, which makes them exciting. In my opinion, for this game to be appealing, it’d have to somehow revamp classic roblox games, like Crossroads, for example, and put the new spin on it where you are competing with other players. In addition, it seems that games like these tend to suffer from a lot of repetition, so you’d have to find a way to keep it feeling fresh (either cycling through different classic games or different modes, maybe different cosmetics, etc.).

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I was thinking if the game ever went into development, I would probably add a gravity coil and some other gear I might also add some maps based on old Roblox games. Like, Crossroads, Roblox HQ and more. If I could too, I would add another map every week to keep it fresh.

I was also thinking of a shop that sells name tag and stuff like that. I would make the shop rotate daily or weekly.

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