Battle against a silly - Game Review

Hello, I would like some people to maybe play test or give feedback about this very small game I made.

Now I do need to acknowledge that this game is just to show my scripting skills. For obvious reasons I will not make this into an actual full on fledge game.


The Game
My Page
My Carrd (If you want more information of what I do lol)

Questions and Answers

Question 1: Does this game have a crit system? (Answer: Yes)
Question 2: Is there only 1 character you can have fighting for you? (Answer: Well I was going to make it were you could pick your own character to y’know, but I thought was would be waaaay to much work for a game that won’t be an actual one.)

If you guys have any questions, it’ll be listed here with the answer.

Screenshot of the game lol

Short Gameplay

So how well do you think my scripting skills are?

  • Very Great
  • Great
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  • Eh
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Cool game dude, the only thing that needs a little work is the UI and it would be perfect

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