Battle Games has just been released!ì

Our Game Has Just been released! :partying_face:

  • Our game is a unique sword fighting game, with rounds, maps and different themes!
  • There are currently 12 different and unique swords in the game, and we are planning to add special abilities and custom animations for every sword very soon, so stay tuned :eyes:
  • There are currently 3 different game modes:
  1. Battle Towers
  2. Battle Doors
  3. Battle Arenas
  • And each of these game modes has currently four different themes:
  1. Candy :candy:
  2. Winter :snowflake:
  3. Toy :teddy_bear:
  4. Desert :beach_umbrella:
  • In the lobby there’s a pvp zone, where you can fight other players while you are waiting for the intermission, there are also two small obby’s that you can do that each give you a cash reward :money_with_wings:
  • There is also a shop and an upgrade center where you can buy new swords and upgrade your character! :muscle:
  • That is all there is in the game for now, but don’t worry! We promise to be a very active team and release lots of updates with bug fixes, revamps and make the gameplay much more fun!

Here’s the game link: Battle Games :tada:

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