Battleboards - Version 0.3.1

logo halloween revised

Version 0.3.1 (Halloween Update)
This update adds some new and returning Halloween content!


  • Added new board (Manor)
  • Added new crate (Halloween 2021)
  • Added new badge (Halloween 2021)
  • Readded Graveyard
  • Readded Telamon’s Mansion [Brickbattle]
  • Readded Swamp

General Changes

  • Updated Lobby to a Halloween theme
  • Updated UI to a Halloween colour scheme



The second update in our Halloween run is now out! This one we only had a week to produce so unfortunately we weren’t able to do much with this one. This Christmas I plan on continuing a bit of the rewrite I started last summer by cleaning up all of the UI code before eventually getting to rewriting the tile effects from scratch once I get the chance to. I do also hope I get time to work on some regular updates for this game after the new year as I still enjoy working on this!

RBLXWare is next on our list arriving sometime late October just like last year. I’ve already started some work on the update this past week and we’ll get the rest of the month to finish the update. That one focuses a bit more on being a general content update (as it’s been a while!) rather than focusing on a proper event.


Version 0.3.1a
This patch removes the Halloween content added.


  • Fixed shadows being disabled


  • Removed Graveyard
  • Removed Telamon’s Mansion
  • Removed Swamp
  • Removed Manor
  • Removed Halloween 2021 Crate

General Changes

  • Updated character & item previews to use WorldModels
  • Objects will now appear in pose previews
  • Returned UI to normal
  • Returned lobby to normal


The Battleboards Halloween 2021 event is now over! Those who’ve purchased any items from the new crate will still own them. The next update for the game will be in the new year and marked as a Winter event as December for us is already pretty packed. The next update will continue a bit of the rewrite I started last summer and add in some new content.