Battlestats - Statistic tracking for Roblox experiences


battlestats is a Discord bot created to track the statistics of Roblox experiences 24/7/365. Every hour it fetches data and stores it into our database so you can view the statistics of your Roblox experience from the past. It empowers developers with quick insight into their experiences with the run of a simple command.

After running the /experience command, battlestats will generate an image along with graphs on the statistics of your Roblox experience. Once your experience has been indexed into our database, you’ll be able to search it with Discord’s autocomplete. Read more for step-by-step instructions on tracking experiences.


Including this, there are options to view other time periods and statistics through Discord’s select menus.

And for those who are curious about Roblox’s top experiences, there’s a /top command which allows you to view the top experiences in any of the tracked statistics.

Getting your Roblox experience tracked
  1. The experience must have 25+ playing and 10,000 visits. If it does, continue with the following.

If your experience does not meet the requirements, you can still use the /experience command and view your experiences statistics. However, statistics will not be tracked 24/7/365 and will only be tracked when the command is ran with your experience.

  1. Find your experiences universe ID.
  2. Run the /experience command with your universe ID as the id parameter.
  3. And boom! Your experience is now being tracked.

Please note we will be actively be removing experiences which don’t follow Roblox’s terms of service.

  • Language: JavaScript (discord.js)
  • Database: SQLite (better-sqlite3)
  • Cache: LRU Cache (lru-cache)
  • Images: Canvas (node-canvas)
  • Charts: Chart.js (chartjs-node-canvas)

All points are in order of priority - this means whatever is cloest to the top will likely be implemented first.

  • Squash all of the current bugs / issues
  • Track the statistics of likes and dislikes :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Timezone parameter :ballot_box_with_check:
  • View data between specific dates
  • Create a public API for developers

We’re already tracking the statistics of hundreds of Roblox’s top experiences. This includes experiences like Blox Fruits, Brookhaven, Pet Simulator X and more.

Click here to invite the bot. If you’re not interested in inviting it, you can join the test guild here.


Pretty cool how there are the list of the famous games on Roblox currently.

Just found that there is a test ping command, might as well remove that. Other than that, good job!