BaW to Colour game loading screen

Firstly let me point out i’m a scripter, utterly useless with ui so bare with me if any of my terms are incorrect / i am asking the wrong question. My question is how would I make a landing bar that goes from a black and white logo to a colour one, I have no questions to do with scripting it, just how would I make the said effect? if you want a piratical example then the loading screen in bubble gum simulator

So you want to start off from a black and white logo and then progressively turn it into a colored one? Maybe make the color fade in within the logo from right to left?

so how would I approach this? in terms of moving and revising frames?

My friend @12904 would be able to answer that question, feel free to drop him a message, say Barbie sent ya.

This is probably going to be somewhat of an animation question if you are wanting a user to be able to observe the fade themselves.

If it is a static image, you are going to to do a simple black to color Gradient.