Bay Prison Area

Bay Prison, almost finished but not quite

- murjarquitecto


Making me think this will be the newest Jailbreak game :thinking:


This is SUPER cool! I really like the style and it feels like a Roblox type city game. I also like how it’s very detailed and massive as well!

(Is there a game where I could check it out?)

I love it! I know you have already built many different prisons with your own style but this one is bigger, congratulations

I totally agree with you, as it could happen

Not for now, since I will soon build the city

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As always, amazing and outstanding job!

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Picture 4 bottom left looks like theres a bit of empty space that you can use to add some more cool stuff! Keep up the good work!

This build is Jailbreak Quality+

You are right, but I never said that the jail is finished, it is obvious that I already had things planned to build there

Great! I will be looking forward to your next update! :slight_smile:

Love the details! Keep up the great work!

Esta Muy Cool! Me gusta, las texturas, los modelos, el paisaje,los detalles, todo es muy bueno :+1:
Buen trabajo…

Really cool stuff! @murjarquitecto is an epic and persistent builder. One detail that could possibly be changed is the fencing for the outdoor area in the prison. Usually these fences are tall and curved inwards, like this:
(Couldn’t embed, sorry :neutral_face:)

Alternatively, you could line the fences with barbed wire.

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Don’t worry,
the barbed wires were also scheduled for the next update

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