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I’m bdoor12345 (Krazy).

I’m a Scripter since probably 2017, and I like making RPG games because they can have some creativity with randomness mixed well.
And I do stuff other than RPG games like Mini-Games and I worked with people too to make for example Hangout, Simulator, Military, and Role-Play games.

And I do a lot of freelancing because I don’t like to do big projects. After all, sometimes I get bored of Roblox Studio and programming regularly and I don’t want to do more stuff in it so freelancing is the choice in this case.


Here are some of the games that I made, playable and with a short description of the game but most of them aren’t completed and the list of games that I made will be from the newest to the oldest:

My Games

There are two types of lists here, successful games for succeeded games (at one point) that I’ve made and failed games for games that are playable but did not get popular at any point.

Successful Games

I only have one successful game, so I haven’t made a list for it because it’s going to be just a waste of time so here it is:
هين هين يالضبان Hayin Hayin Yaldaban - Roblox

I don’t update it like I used to, that’s why I don’t recommend judging me from it and it’s in Arabic, so probably you can’t understand that well.

Failed Games

Here are my failed games listed from the newest to the oldest, and it’s going to be updated when I create something playable that can be listed there:
Failed Games - Roblox


My Roblox Profile: Krazy - Roblox
Availability: Most of the time in my Discord, Krazy#9895

If other information is needed you can dm me using Discord and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

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