Be Apart Of The Roblox Game Showcase- A Video Presentation About New And Upcoming Games!

Hello there! I’m looking for developers to send in trailers and/or gameplay footage for their games/experiences for an upcoming project of mine- the Roblox Game Showcase! Similar to Nintendo Directs, this series of video presentations will showcase new and upcoming Roblox games, plus news and info on upcoming game updates! This is ideal for developers to showcase their upcoming/new games to gain interest, or to share information on updates for existing games, and more! Each presentation will feature these segments:

-Game Rundown: Showcases new and upcoming games, as well as update info for existing games as fast as possible! This segment will be limited to mostly gameplay footage, although trailers can be shown. It’s similar to the headlines segment from Nintendo Direct presentations.
-Trailer Cinema: Showcases trailers for new and upcoming games! This segment will take up the majority of the presentation.
-Metaverse Premiere: A segment announcing never-before seen games that will be announced in the presentation! Trailers and teasers are welcome, and this segment will be part of the “Trailer Cinema” portion of the Game Showcase. Ideal for developers who want to reveal their latest projects to the world!
-Speedrun Minute: This is a segment blurting out new and upcoming games and game updates under 1 minute.


-Send in a trailer and/or gameplay footage for a game of yours, unreleased or new!
-If your game isn’t ready to be shown off, just send in a teaser or a description of your game.
-Choose which segment you want your game to be shown on.
-Send a link to your game (Only if your game is ready to be released).

-Gain exposure for your game or experience during the presentation, as well as on my Twitter account!
-Present your project in front of the viewers watching the presentation!

I want to do the first of the Game Showcase presentation by the end of the year, so the deadline to send in your game for the first Game Showcase is 9/4. DM me on Discord (chrisofdoom Discord#0474) or on the Devforms to apply. As always, you have to be 13+ to do so.


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