Be on a table or a computer!

Play now it for free!

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if i use the tp pads, i cant stand up fast enough to not get tp’d back
once i got into the computer, there was nothing to do there
you cant do anything besides look at it, and the build is very low detail
the textures tile way too much on the table, which itself is just a block.
i hope i wasn’t too harsh with my critique!


i will patch in on day 29 where 0.4 releases!

great! any plans for gameplay and things to do besides look at it? and do you mean feb 29?

yes i mean feb 29, also i will add easy obby and also will be a secret portal that will be enabled in 0.5

and also i will fix description bcz im a new dev (bcz i quitted roblox studio between mid or late 2022 to early or mid 2023) i have fear that changing description now will make that 0.4 releases too early!

righto, will review the game again when 0.4 releases!

Also i will make a new icon! (do not throw hate on me depending of the icon quality level)

dw no hate (character limit character limit)

This feels more of a ‘showcase (it doesn’t even look the best, and I feel like the builds can be improved on.)’ rather than a game.

It’s clear the computer is a free model and why is there wood planks instead of normal wood?

I do think a game where you go inside of the computer would improve it