Beach “Showcase"

Feel free to give your thoughts and opinions. Palm tree leaves were taken from the toolbox (not 100% sure on that, though).

Click here if you don't care about light equal to the power of the sun beaming through your computer.


I dont see any water is there any water?

Yes. I tried to not put too much focus on the water, and rather on the island, trees, and grass.

Well most beaches have water but I think this is cool.


  • There’s a lot more grass than actual beach, that defeats the name of the actual game. Try expanding the beach.
  • The blur is a bit too strong. Try to tone it down to a lower number
  • The run rays are also too strong. Turn that down as well.
  • Add more trees around the island, it looks too barren

Things to Add

  • Rocks
  • A house/hut
  • Beach chairs
  • A boat at the dock
  • Bushes
  • Flowers


Overall, It’s not bad. It could just use some more scenery for the player to look at.



You can see in the first screenshot that there is water underneath the dock shown.

I cant see it its to bright but @Crazedbrick1 can because he has sunglasses on


I put a heavy emphasis on blur to prevent sharp edges from appearing on the tree trunks. The setting I put seemed to remove that.

You’ll probably not be able to see it if you look directly at the sun. :joy:

Ow. The light is way too bright. It could also use some more plants.

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I agree. The sun does get in the way of some screenshots. I am also working on adding more flora.

Really Awesome Maybe Add a Little More Sand, Overall its REALLY Good Keep it up.

i think the extremely bright sunrays are realistic. go look up at the sun irl and reply. if you dont want it to be realistic tone it down so you dont bake your eyes

What is with people and abusing the hell out of sun-rays? Seriously, tone it down.