Bear's Tram Place Update Log

Bear’s Tram Place Update Log

Here, you can find information about different updates conforming to the BTP (Bear’s Tram Place) game, linked here. This game first started as a project cause I enjoy transportation, specifically trams, and trains. This game focuses on trams.


Update 1.4.3 This update is mostly renovations and just overall small improvements to the look of the game and depot.
- Redid the Tatra cab. Currently a WIP as I'm planning on modeling all the cab's buttons. It is incomplete and the old buttons have just been moved to the side so that the tram is still operational.
- Added some extra things to kind of spice up the depot. I added a table that has an experimental toolbox on top of it with some other things. The toolbox is currently not able to be picked up, but it displays the player's information and tram information. I will work on this soon but I have no for use for it as of now.
- Added a small line number display to the back of the tatra. Very small difference. Only displays the line number.
- I made it so that if you enter in, line one for example, to the little gui in the bottom right, you can now change it back to line zero (Not In Service.) Some how, I had completely overlooked this and only recently did I realize that you couldn't change your display back to not in service.
- Another experimental feature, there is text that now appears when you hover over certain buttons. This has only been added to 3 buttons though. 2 of which not usable.
Update 1.3.3 (Hotfix) - Fixed tram bouncing off tracks during merge onto main tracks from depot
Update 1.3.2 - I added the base for route 2. Route 2 will start out on the same line as route 1, stopping at Bear Town and Bear LLC, but will then branch off to the left to make other stops. This is a little buggy however, and route 2 doesn't continue, it stops where the first route 2 only stop ends.
- Route 1 is now a complete route and can be ran infinitely. It consists of 4 stops, Bear Town, Bear LLC, Santa Fe, and Blanket. (I know)
- I added a better line input handler. Before, you could input whatever you'd want, and now it only lets you input lines 1 and 2. I will probably add some easter eggs that have special messages. :wink:
Update 1.2.2 - Tram stops are now in beta! They can detect and change destination boards on the tram, but there is only one stop for now.
- The display data GUI has been shorted to just line number, as when you input the line, it will automatically update the tram's display to the first stop in the inputted line.
- The displays stood at stops now update depending on if the tram has arrived, or departed. If the tram hasn't arrived yet, the display will show the route number, and then the stop that the screen is stood at. For example, at stop on Foobar St which is on route 1, the screen would show, 1: Foobar St. When the tram arrives, this text will changed to, "Arrived!" and then after a 3 second wait, it will change to "No Incoming Trams."


This change log started at version 1.2.2, this is NOT the version BTP started at.