Beast Brickbattle

I have been advertising my brickbattle game now for a few weeks and it has racked up a pretty abysmal approval rating. I have tried my best to determine why this is the case, but I have a hard time getting real feedback. I try to remain in game and, when people express their dislike of the game, ask them why, but it’s really difficult to catch the reasoning since they are inclined to leave right after their announcement.

One thing that I have heard is that some people have a hard time exiting the game. I do not know what they mean because their explanations of the situation are panicked and completely void of description, and I am wondering if anyone can reproduce that problem because I do not know what it means and I feel that might be a contributor to the low rating.

Anyway, feel free to make criticisms and even tear my game apart here as long as there is some reasoning; it’s not a very complex game. Here is the link:


Could you post screenshots please. For those who can’t join the game. Thanks!

It seems that one round of battle time is long.
However, the lobby is boring and players can’t wait until the end of the round.

i dont know why, the game is cool but someone was insulting others.

The game is definitely enjoyable, and I think the rating should be higher.
I’d give some recommendations though:
The gui should be tweened in some places. I don’t like how it just appears, especially when you first open the game.
Rounds are determined by which team has the most players (more specifically the team with less quitters), not by how hard a team works overall.
The objective of each gamemode is not clear. Champion in particular is confusing.
The sword is too inconsistent in damage. It varies between 15-100% of the players’ health. I know it’s the classic sword, but melee combat shouldn’t be a coin toss.

The game works fine and can be relatively fun, but there are just some reasons why I can see why people wouldn’t like it. If those could be fixed it could help as it should be relatively minor issues. I did enjoy the game though, but I think a few things can be improved on.

  1. Spawnkilling
    I played a round of KOTH on your game on tree map and realized how easy it was to spawn kill the enemy team. So fixing that would definitely help. As I was able to drop bombs down some flight of stairs going directly towards the enemy spawn. It was basically an instance where they couldn’t fight back. Raising FF/moving spawns to safe areas would help reduce spawnkilling.

  2. Tutorial-ish?
    When I joined in, I was not greeted with a tutorial but with a shop instead. When spawned in, I was put into a lobby and had to find the portal door. If you could instantly put players into action it would help in increasing play time as people wouldn’t leave instantly as they would believe that they had to wait for the game to end.

  3. Objective not being clear. The gamemode was meant to be KOTH and most players just fought normally without bothering about the objective. They would just rush eachothers spawn. So making some billboard GUI telling players where to go would help.

  4. Maps being too long, for the map I played at least. The map made me walk decently far just to see an enemy and dying in 1 shot to a rocket after walking for a while can be annoying. Shortening maps and getting players into the action asap should be the goal. You want people always contesting the objective, not contesting each others routes to the objective.

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That is what I am trying to determine. I don’t get any detail from people who have this problem and I can’t reproduce it myself. They simply say “It won’t let me leave”

It’s possible to join mid-round, and I did place a large glowing portal that does take players who just joined to the battle, but do you have any suggestions for how to make it more visible? It does seem that some people cannot see it.

I found this exploiter called PsiPerXX, they’re going around claiming to be a developer in order to justify their use of a flying hack.

Wasn’t able to get any footage myself, but someone else managed to apparently.

EDIT: On closer inspection, this is most likely an alt account.

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I didn’t notice the portal to join midgame. I thought the lobby was the game and I thought the weapons were all broken because you can’t do damage in the lobby. Everyone was trying to fight in the lobby and it seemed like the game sucked. I would bet this is why people are confused and you’re getting bad ratings.

You should just get rid of the portal and automatically put the users in the action. In what cases would users ever not want to join midgame? What’s the point of being in the lobby during a game?

The game itself is fun, I don’t play a lot of PVP games but it seems well executed! Your revisions to the classic brickbattle tools are refreshing. I also like the maps a lot.

Edit: oops didn’t mean to reply to dave.

wait. there is a portal? where?