Beautify Salon | Host & Co-host Guides

These guides are only to be used at the Beautify Salon Training Center. Failure to follow this rule will result in a demotion.

The following is for the Host.

:m Greetings everyone! My name is (your user) and I’m joined with my Co-host, (their user)! Please have a seat and wait while my Co-host gives out very important information and rules you will need to know.

:m Please note that the “PTS” (Permission to speak) command is required at this time, only use it if you have a question or concern.

The following is for the Co-Host.

:m Greetings! My name is (co-host’s user) and I’ll be your Co-Host for today’s training, I will soon be giving out important information you will need to become a staff at Beautify Salon.

:m Thank you everyone for being so patient! I will now start stating the rules you’ll need to work at Beautify Salon.

:h Rules:

:m RULE I - Respect: Respect is they key to have a good attribution. It is needed toward EVERYONE. HRs, MRs, customers, you get the point.

:m RULE 2- Grammar: Grammar is needed so customers can understand you more. This requires capitalization, correct punctuation, and correct spelling. Grammar makes the salon look more professional.

:m RULE 3- Maturity: Maturity plays an important part here, all of these things combined create the ideal staff member we are trying to look for.

:m That is all I have for today! Let’s go back to our host to explain further direction.

The following is for the host.

:m Hello, again! Right now we will be doing the Grammar Test. I will private message everyone in this room a sentence and you must use the same wording but correcting my sentence with grammar.

:m This includes punctuation, capitalization, and correct spelling. If you do not reply or do it incorrectly you will be dismissed. PTS will be enabled if you have any questions or concerns.

:m Congratulations! If you are still here that means you have passed the Grammar Test. My Co-Host will now be putting you into your groups, PTS is disabled.

The following is for the Co-Host:

The Co-Host will now name all the trainees and put them into groups. (Ex: :name Blox A) Make sure the groups’ number of trainees are as equal as possible!

:m I have now assigned everyone’s groups, please stay seated.

The following is for the host:

:m It looks like we are all situated now, I will now dismiss you. Please stay seated!

:m Group (letter) is dismissed, please follow your trainer.

Repeat the above command until nobody is sitting in the lobby.

:m Good luck everyone! <3