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・❥ beautique is a clothing-gameshow establishment that works hard fabricating enjoyable and entertaining gameshows, while also designing high-quality clothing and UGC items. We strive to actively curate and foster an engaging and enjoyable experience for our community, in which we hope you will join!


Code of Conduct ✩

This is an organized page of rules for all ranks, including community members and staff alike, on all of beautique’s premises. Failure to abide by any these rules will result in disciplinary action.


Rank Information ʚɞ

Work in progress.

Department Information ✧

The information below is to briefly inform our community members what each department is in charge of for our operations internally and externally. This is only a brief description. If you have any questions, please direct them to a member of our Staffing Department.

Staffing Department
→ Our Staffing Department has the duty of managing our internal operations. This includes but is not limited to: session management, staff members, management recruitment, and making sure all of beautique’s needs are met.

Communications Department
→ Our Communications Department has the duty of managing our external operations. This includes but is not limited to: partnerships, events, and digital marketing.

Partnership Information ✼

Thank you for your interest in forming a partnership with beautique! To have your establishment partnered with us, you must meet all our expectations (see below). Furthermore, we request that you’re answering the questions located on Google document. After you’ve answered all of the questions, send them to any member of our Communications Department.

→ 7.5K non-botted Roblox group members.
→ Your establishment must have a strong foundation.
→ Your establishment must be in the genre of a clothing/UGC group, cafe, restaurant, role-play groups alike. Fan groups and Military groups are not accepted.
→ Your establishment cannot sell administrative ranks.
→ Your establishment must be appropriate and have a good standing.
→ You must always abide by our affiliate regulations at all given times.
→ Your representatives must communicate with our Communications Department frequently with the will to host events, and be able to notify us with any upcoming events or major changes within said establishment.

If you’re looking for an exception request for our requirements, please notify a member of our Communications Department for further information.

→ What is the name of the establishment you are applying for?
→ Provide all social links you deem necessary.
→ Provide a brief description of your establishment. How does your establishment stand out from others in your sector?
→ How will your establishment benefit beautique?
→ How can beautique benefit your establishment?
→ Please list two/three establishment representatives we can contact if necessary.
→ Do you agree that beautique reserves the right to terminate this partnership if we deem appropriate to do so?

Once you have sent your application, please give our Communications Department up to 72 hours to thoroughly review your application. Within this time period, we encourage you not to ask for an update. If it has passed 72 hours and you have not received an update and/or decision, feel free to request an update.

Gameshow Directory ❀


Appeal Information 𓆩♡𓆪

Work in progress.


Last updated ・ 8/01/23