Becoming a Regular?

Hi, I’ve been on DevForum now since Apr 27th, below being my stats,

However I’m yet to be promoted to a ‘regular’; this is proving tedious as I’m restricted in where I can post, leaving me unable to engage or provide feature suggetions and so forth.

Is there an adequate time-frame to become a ‘regular’ as having been on DevForum 6 months with daily engagement and so forth I’m not considered a regular?


Pretty sure Regular promotions are on hold because PA was removed.


It doesn’t matter about stats, it matters about how much you use PA.


In order to be a regular, you must be active, creating posts, and replying. You also must’ve been through the PA a few times, however, the PA was removed so it’s on hold. Please read this for more info: How to level up on the Roblox Developer Forum

Not accurate, see the post. Likes have nothing to do with forum trust levels.


What does “PA” means? Sorry to be uncultured…

PA is short for “Post Approval”.

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Post Approval ¶ is on hold until Roblox finds a new approval system. Members cannot post in #platform-feedback, #platform-feedback:engine-bugs, #platform-feedback:engine-features, #platform-feedback:website-bugs, and #platform-feedback:website-features. A while back, members were able to post there, but their post had to be “Approved” by a moderator before it was actually posted to the public. Sadly, there are not enough Mods and there was too many posts going in. They shut down the entire thing temporarily (I hope) and now only Regulars and above are allowed to post in those channels. Also, this means that there are no Mods to review Members and make them a Regular, which also means that no Regulars are being made now. I hope they have a solution soon.

As you can see in the image below:

I have significantly larger stats (in some cases) but I am still a member :frowning:

Hopefully they find a replacement soon. I have been working towards Regular for a while now.

Can I please ask what PA is? I am seeing people say that but I do not know what it is.

Post Approval, it was a previous system where posts was sent via a volunteered post approval to approve your post for a category where you normally couldnt post. This has since been discontinued.


My mistake, everything else is accurate, though.

I just entered “Regular” in the search bar and found this:
Please, search before posting to prevent duplicate topics.

That doesn’t get your regular. Most people I’ve seen who said they got regular while PA was up had about my number of likes and read time, but they’ve been on for 2+ years.