BedrockBot API Module

BedrockBot API is a API which allows people to communicate with our servers; for ease of use, a Roblox Module has been created. It’s simple and easy to understand functions allow users to have their mind at rest when they want to connect to our database (thank me for this).

For now the BedrockBot API is private and will be un-private on it’s 1.0.0 release. There is one simple function for now but we hope this can be further extended for more things you would like!

The API mostly deals with errors that you may receive. In order to check if the user exists please pass true into functions where you think could have an error. We are going to change the way this works for the release.


To get the BedrockBot API to work you will need to require it into your script using:

local API = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.BedrockBotAPI)

This loads the BedrockBot API Roblox module.

The BedrockBot Module will have a descendent named Token, this is a String Value. Please fill this in with your Token given to you.

Most functions follow similar structure, here is an example:


This will return a table which has the following properties:

  • name: roblox name
  • _id: Discord ID
  • rank: The rank in the BedrockBot group, will no longer be passed to you in future updates

Thanks for reading, below are our previous development updates to the API:

  • Made a Roblox API module
  • Working on making the API public for everyone to use
  • Making a system for API keys
  • Added security
  • Added many different functions for PULL requests
  • Added PUSH/UPDATE requests