Been working on stuff, like the building I have been Building

I have been working on recently on my game, and it took me a while to build this. I’m not a good builder so I tried.

Its not that much, It’s just a lobby. I will describe the things in the picture, The two brick walls are news or teleport to places. The wooden floor on the higher grass is the spawn location. I was planning to add more but I will leave like this for now.


Well, it could definitely use some work. Delete the wedge and in it’s place nicer steps. I’m also not sure what you mean by “news or teleport places”, but you could make the walls a little bit nicer by putting a frame around them (depending on what you are trying to use them for).

Great work for a beginner!

he means that “teleport places” might be map teleportation or Voting.
News is news.“GAME NEWS” :slight_smile:

u can use some improving on the stairs

I think he means “News” as Leaderboard… Maybe?

Thanks, By news I meant as probably a news board like if there was any updaes. Still, it is just an idea and I’m still thinking for more.

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The lobby looks kinda bland you should add more interesting stuff to it.