Begining doing game, What should do first?

Hello there, My name is Vojta
I want to create my new game But what Is better do first
Some adventure or Tycoon or Simulator
Thank for your tips
With Greeting Vojta

Try doing something no one has done,this can be very rare,but roblox isnt filled,yet.
I suggest making an obby,as some youtubers play it,simulators also.

The games that would you like to make to earn robux/money is:

2-SCP Games.
3-Jailbreak,Mad City,Prison Life,Redwood Prison aka Prison games.
4-Educational games aka games like Adopt Me or Meepcity.

The games that would you like to have fun would be:

1-Not infinite games aka an game that you need to do something many times/simulators.
2-An adventure game,with cool graphics.

Games that already have been done,but you want to remaster,or even make it in roblox:

2-Mario Odyssey(This game is already being done,but ok)

Well,all those games will take a lot of effort,you should hire a team,but everything depends on you,those are sort of recommendations,i expect you to be “angry” at me,by recommending games that are probably very hard to make.


There really is not step by step when it comes to making a game! It always depend on what you feel like doing! If your asking what one is easier i would maybe say tycoon but that always depend on what kind of systems you decide to add. In terms of popularity i would say a simulator! Simulators are always very easy to make but you don’t want your game to be like every other game out there. So if you have a unique idea in any of these themes go for that one. It always depends on what kind of game that can keep you motivated and the unique ideas you have! Good luck on choosing a theme!

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Yes this is I thinked, Player want play something new

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I agree, I’d love to see some new actual quality games on ROBLOX and not another simulator and I think that’s what most of the community thinks.