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About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a digital artist. I just started recently and have previously worked on titles such as Tommy’s Kingdom, THE SITH WAR LORDS and a few things not related to Roblox.


You can view my assets here:

Snapshots Of My Work

I just started so this is my only example


i am available for 1 client at a time and i can work for around 3 hours a day for that client.


Prices are negotiable, I would prefer to do pay per asset and get paid in the form of robux.


You can contact me on discord, i am Aidan Plays!!#3481 or Private Message me on DevForum or

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Decent potential, could use some improvment such as detail and coulor. :smile:


That picture only shows one piece of work i have done and i will try to get good at colored pictures to.

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It looks pretty good, but it seems kind of rushed. For example, the grenade cross marks on it are poking out a bit and sometimes a bit to short. The ground also does not go the whole way. What software did you use?

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I just drew it on my PC with my finger, is there something i should use that is better?

Well I would use maybe something like gimp or just paint 3d if you are on windows. If you have a digital pen, you should use it. Otherwise, I would recommend using the line tool (every paint software has it) for straight lines instead of just useing your fingers.

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Okay, i will look into those tools and see which one fits me best.