Beginner Low Poly House

Hello! This is my beginner low poly house build. What is your opinion about this? And any suggestions?



This looks quite decent for a beginner. Good job!

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call it low poly cartoony build, not just a low poly, still looking not bad for a beginner, i don’t like the lighting tho, way too bright


I think it needs a mailbox :mailbox:
I agree with el_pedro, it is looking just a bit too bright. Not sure if it is the lighting or just the colors.

If you want to add a bit of extra detail, you can add some bricks slightly sticking out scattered on the walls and roof. They would be slightly darker shades than the color of whatever they are sticking out of. Not sure if the walls are made of brick though, but you can still do that idea for the roof. I think it will look neat.

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Looks good, I would suggest continuing the chimney down to the ground or move it up a bit towards the top of the roof.

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This looks amazing! Keep up the good work!

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It looks great! For some reason, however, somethjng feels missing on the front of the house. Im not sure what it is, but maybe add something to make the wall less empty?

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Looks quite good, However as said by @ArcherThesu yes the walls feel empty, You can put a bit of detail on those walls. The tiny brick part near the circle window can look good around the door frame and for the sides, You may lower the fence and put on a rectangular window and one last thing, the chimney can be moved a little into the Roof because it looks like its going off it.

I’m sorry for going a bit overboard but I am a High Poly developer and rarely step into Low Poly :sweat_smile:

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