Beginnings of a large game that I'm making

Well, I’m currently in the beginnings of building a large base. However, since this is the start it’s not gonna be very big when you join in. I’m bringing this up since I need a fresh point of view on its build quality, and also I need some people to spot the things I might have overlooked. Anyways, links below and when you’re done just comment and tell me what you think could be added/removed. Also, keep in mind that this is bare bones until I’ve gotten enough feedback to make more details in the hallway/doors.


I enjoyed my short visit.
I found the writing on the wall very helpful as it set my understanding of the appearance of the walls and doors after I had been walking around to look and see what was there.
The ‘atmosphere’ of the scene is encouragingly chilly so am looking forward to another visit when things have moved on.
Please feel free to add me to your list of testers if you have one.

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I visited your game, and I like it. Good luck on your project.

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After having a short visit here, it looks absolutely amazing! The detail is already there especially in early stages of development, can’t wait to see where the game goes! and would love to help be a tester for you if you ever need one for some good feedback! The writing on the wall was actually funny but also make an understanding on where the game is currently sat. Best of luck! and can’t wait to see the future.


I think it would look cool with some lighting effects. It was pretty good IMO i like the style.