Beoui Group Handbook

“Proficiency Towards Success”

At Beoui, we always enjoy giving our customers the visit of a lifetime. From our delectable Caramel Frappe to our delectable pastries, our staff will work hard no matter what to ensure that everyone has an awesome visit at our café.


Beoui is one of ROBLOX’s many groups aimed to provide an innovated service to anyone who wants to grab a Coffee, etc. This handbook will go through all the important and beneficial inquiries people may have.

Rank Responsibilites

Rank Responsibilites
[Low Rank: Trainee - Senior Barista]
Trainee: Trainee is the very first Low Rank at Beoui and are expected to attend a training if they want a promotion. Trainings are not required as they can work as a Trainee, but is recommended.
Junior Barista: Junior Barista is the second Low Rank. They have bigger expectations from High Ranks then a Trainee does.

Barista: Barista is the third highest Low Rank. They are expected to remain active and serve customers. Whilst providing a suitable time for the customer.

Senior Barista: The highest Low Rank. Senior Baristas must be very active to be recommended for a promotion. They receive 2 ways to get a promotion: Applying for the next rank or getting recommended from hard work.


Hiring Information

We hire MR/HR’s via applications done on our Communications Server!
However, you must follow our rules.

Alliance Information

Alliance Information
Beoui is always looking for alliances. However, we do require alliance applicants to have a understanding of our requirements.
-50+ Members
-20+ Communications Members
-No Bad History With Any Other Group
-Has an active MR/HR Team.
[PLEASE DM RestaurantAuthority8007 IF YOU WISH TO ALLY

This will be all for now.
SkyvIeos, President