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Submitting an Alliance Request

Best Hotels is always looking for new allies. We have created this guide so that groups willing to form an alliance with us know how to request one and what our requirements are. Note- This guide will be updates constantly to ensure that our requirements are up to date. Preexisting alliances may not meet the requirements. Any alliances formed before this post will stay. If your group doesn’t completely meet the requirements provided, you may still submit an alliance request. The requirements may be altered at any time if we feel a group can ally with us. If a rule is marked with flexible, it means it can be altered to fit groups’ needs. If it is marked with required, it means it is a must, no exceptions.

Provided Regulations

  • Group has 100+ members - flexible
  • Group has a discord - required
  • Staff act professional and group doesn’t have a bad reputation - required
  • No swearing or any other inappropriate content - required
  • Group is active / not botted - required
  • Group announces our events - flexible
  • Group is able to maintain a healthy alliance - required
  • The group is somewhat related to a hotel group (No raid/troll groups, etc) - required

We ask that your members follow our rules when in our discord server or roblox game. If your group members do not follow our rules the alliance may be at risk and they will be punished according to our terms. We request that you follow our rules at all times when participating in our events!

Current Alliances - Information

Alliances may only be terminated if they begin to be inactive within the alliance or if they make our group look bad. If you would like your events announced, please ask us to send a trusted representative to your server so they can announce your events in our server. We ask that you announce any events we invite allies to in your server. If we want it to be announced, we will put a message at the end of our event announcement saying All allies welcome. This means, we want our allies to come and we want the event posted.

Extra Information

  • Alliance requests first go through one of our SHRs. If the group meets the required rules, we will show our SHR Team the group and let them decide. After that, we will send the request to our Owner or Co-Owner to be approved or denied. If your request is approved, we will ask you to send a request to us and it should be approved by a BH Owner / Co-Owner within 24 hours. Please be aware that it might take up to 20 days for a request to be completed. Thank you.
  • You must provide links in your request.
  • You may contact us through discord. You can DM mikehero13#3571 or join our communications server and DM an SHR.

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mikehero13, Vice President
Best Hotels - Alliance Information