Best Instance To Use For Grab Skills?

I’ve tried the most common instances to use for grab skills/carry system and they all seem to be buggy.

  • If one player that is welded dies then the other player that is welded also dies
  • The player being grabbed/carried weighs down the user creating a janky/clunky movement

Align Position / Align Orientation:

  • On the clients of one of the players, the other player is either appearing behind or ahead

I’ve tried things like setting networkownerships but that doesn’t seem to make a difference, I’m just wondering how I could make a grab skill/carry system smooth like how other combat games do it.


you can try to partent an attackment to torso or arm and add ball socket constraint then connect it to the player being picked up o

im in the same boat as you brother, im still researching.

Try creating a ‘fake’ character that has the appearance of the person grabbed, this way you don’t have to worry about network ownership or anything. Also use an AlignPosition wth RigidityEnabled for better precision.