Best method to get game out there

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honestly, there really isn’t a “best” method to do that. One way might work, whereas it won’t work for others. Especially since you only hear the success stories, so you’d never know how many it failed. My own “success” was pure luck in some cases too. Like I don’t even know if what I did was luck or even if there’s a better way.

Best I can do is give you some of my tips I go off of.

Firstly, before even advertising, you need to make sure your game is ready. Doesn’t have to be complete, but no game-breaking bugs and you need to know your target audience. Make sure the general “objective” of the game is clear. So for your battlegrounds game, it might not be totally obvious how to play for your target audience, so you might need an actual tutorial or else new players will just leave before even playing.

Let’s assume you have a budget. First off, this is common sense but don’t put your eggs in one basket. Paying speed all your budget is just hoping on luck to somehow get on the clout train. You should realistically try a variety of methods (sponsored ads, actual ads) or could even go outside the platform too. This also means don’t spend your budget all at once. If you have 100k robux, don’t spend it all on a one-day ad. It might feel nice to see 100 players at once, but realistically it won’t last. You need to build an actual audience.

It’s possible you can get YouTubers to play too. It’s semi-like a bandwagon, once one plays it, the rest usually do too, so just getting anyone to play is the goal. Most “roblox” YouTubers have their business email public on their page. I personally emailed over 30+, ranging from 5k subscribers to the 1M+ subscriber channels. Obviously, give them access to whatever passes/vip/etc so they have the content to actually make a video. But unless your game has people playing it already, it’s unlikely they’ll visit an empty game, so this is why it’s important to build an audience.

In my opinion, save your updates and do not release a game with everything. When you initially release a game, for example, if you have 20 characters made, maybe only publish with 10 of them. Not only does having a bunch of stuff overwhelm new players, but it acts like a transition for all the new players into your game and also leads to have future updates.

Also, keep in mind that it doesn’t always work out all the time, and that’s normal. I’ve made numerous games myself that flopped.