Best platform for sponsoring games

Hi guys,so I read some posts on the forum talking about the best way to sponsor games on roblox.I’m confused cause someone say that sponsoring on phone is better cause it gets tons of views,or someone say that sponsoring on computer is better cause you get tons of clicks.Please,can someone clarify?

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Depends on ur game, for example if u are making a fps(first person shooter) game, then ur most targeted audience are computers, but if u are making roleplaying game, then u should invest into mobile

It is a CTF game both in first and second person,but it is true that on mobile you get more audience?

Here are the stats of when I sponsored on each platform. Notice how phone and tablet get more impressions due to the fact that most users are mobile users.

HOWEVER! You tend to get a more higher CTR from the computer. So it really depends on what you figure is best for your game.

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So the most important thing is the CTR,right?Cause if 100K people will see the sponsor but not click on it,while on computer you get 30K views they will most likely click on it,I’ll prefer computer.

Exactly, you’re aiming for a high CTR, meaning that more people are clicking your sponsor when they see it.

Maybe another advantage for sponsoring on computer is that all famous roblox youtubers play on computer,so if some of them see the sponsor and try the game,all of its subscribers will try it.

If you look at the total impressions on computer you notice that it has much less impressions than phone and tablet, this means less people have seen your computer ads.

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I understand that, I’m just pointing out that it seems that more active users will click the ad if they see in on a computer rather than a phone.

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Higher CTR = more effective ads is a very large misconception on roblox.

CTR just shows you the ratio of which players who saw the promotion, to players that clicked on it.

Now you ask, how doesnt this show the effectiveness of the ad?

Well what CTR doesnt show you is how many people, then click play on the game, how long those people spend in the game, how much robux those players spend.

From my statistics, running sponsors on phone gets the most clicks, yet in conflict with that, phone players also generally have the lowest revenue figures. There is a lot more to this then what meets the eye.

You will just have to personally see what works for your game, especially since some games support multiple devices better then others.

My game is a CTF game where you have to shoot,it support both second person and first person,Should I sponsor it for computer?Cause the GUI is a little bit too big for a phone