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Hi there! I am offering my services as a builder. I am good at making furniture and outdoor assets. I am very cheap because I’m a new developer. I’ve not worked on any big titles though.


Screenshots of my work:



On weekdays I usually have 2 hours to develop. On weekends I have 3-4 hours to develop. I can get much done in an hour.


Prices are negotiable, I accept pay by the asset. I prefer being paid robux, but I also accept PayPal


You can contact me on the Devforum or on Discord.
Discord: Stonehaven News Co.#1340

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I believe you’ve got potential though I don’t necessarily think you’re ready for commissions just yet.

Rushing isn’t for everyone, while it’s a good trait to have it isn’t a necessity.


I agree with PurpSinister, People are willing to pay much more for higher quality built Items that take days to weeks to produce.


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I believe you should keep practising your building work and see what style fits for you and then start running commissions later down the line when you’ve progressed. I wish you the best of luck.


Thanks for your ideas! I’ll work on my building work. I was just looking for a small amount of robux so I could start a studio.


Ok. I’ll do free building services first. When I am ready I’ll be doing paid stuff.


Not necessarily what I implied though good luck getting on a development team.


This post would be better suited as marked as a “Portfolio” than a Recruitment thread. Recruitment means you’re looking to hire. Portfolio is a collection of work with the intent to be hired.


Thank you for telling me! I probably pressed “recruitment” instead.


You put the sub category wrong it isn’t recruitment this is a portfolio. As well as your title is “best building services” this is a portfolio you would normally say “[For hire] (username) // portfolio”. Last thing not to be rude, you should take time and work on your building skills before saying your for hire.


You need to further develop your building skills before you’re ready for commissions. Good luck man, have fun.

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