Best time period for FPS games to be set in?

So I’ve been thinking of ideas, making documents, playlists and planning out a game I’m gonna make in like 3+ years(as you do lol) and I was wondering what’s the best time period an FPS game can be set in.

To give some context: the game will be a high poly, ultra realistic (as much as you can get on Roblox)kind of campaign story mode but will also have a separate multiplayer section and possibly an option to play co -op.

Time Period: as the world is being made, I’m not sure what the story could be though
Build Style: Ultra realistic, players will be Rthro
Players: Single Player story mode


Time Period: Future, specifically after Earth blows up, humans still prosper on the new planet
Build Style: Low Poly, players are R15 or Rthro
Players: Single Player story mode but with co-op and verses gamemodes


Time Period: Present, the players have to stop WW3
Build Style: Whatever normal roblox games are, players will be R15
Players: Multiplayer story mode

How do you like these ideas? I’d play any of them that you make and if you choose the first one I can’t wait to see what you do with the story!