Best way of getting players without having to advertise?

I was wondering, if there was a way to get players without advertising, like games like:
I don’t know how to get players without advertising, how you recommend me doing this?

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Make “attractive” thumbnails and have a good game “work”, This maybe wont get THAT many players but it atleast helps you getting some or keeping some.

There are many ways to get players without ads! You may need to advertise once, but probably never again. Here are my tips:

  • Add a feature where if you play for a certain amount of time or if you invite your friends you get an in game reward such as a badge

  • Daily login bonuses keep players coming back every day!

  • Keep your thumbnails attractive and keep the game up to date and make frequent updates

  • Invite your friends to come play! When they play with you, ask them to invite THEIR friends. And boom, tons of players. Say you have 50 friends. If 30 of those 50 come to your game and they invite 10 friends each, and 5 out of those 10 friends arrive, you have 150 people playing your game!

  • Make your game good and clear! Complicated games aren’t very fun, but simple games that can be summarized in a sentence or less are golden. Also, have a feedback GUI in your game to log player feedback so you can make your game awesome for years to come!

Although ads are useful, games like Arsenal made it to the top without ads! And you can too :wink: