Best Way To Change Character?

So my goal is that I need to change the player’s character into a different character. I have code that works well already, but the problem is that guis break. They don’t show up at all.

Code sample:

          Player.Character = ReplicatedStorage.Character

The character is just one meshpart, no bones or anything. There are multiple ragdoll pieces attached though.

It does a good job, besides the guis breaking. And the guis are pretty essential for the game, so yeah any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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one option is to use

with a HumanoidDescription you can set what you want each part to look like

another option is to use

this will let you replace 1 part at a time

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Well this isn’t the usual character, it’s just one mesh. It’s not a mesh deformation rig either, just a single mesh (but it also has ragdoll pieces since it falls apart when dying)

This would usually work. And I thank you for the reply, but it’s not really what I’m looking for. I probably should have specified the details of the rig in the post, sorry abt that!

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You can set the player.Character = myModel just make sure it has a humanoid in it. That’s what I used for a prop hunt system (I think lol)

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That’s what I did, but the problem is that the guis completely break. Don’t know why.

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So it turns out my problem is the character I was changing to didn’t have all the necessary parts, [Pretty sure it was missing a head and some other stuff lol sorry for the waste of time.]

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