Best way to clone accessories? (STILL NOT FIXED)

Hey! The title is quite self explanatory, I’m making this character customization script where you can choose from a bunch of presets. I managed to clone the clothing from the presets onto the character, but I don’t know how to clone the accessories and position them properly. Does anyone have an easy solution to this problem of mine? If you do please feel free to let me know! It’d be a great help :D!


You could just call the humanoid function humanoid:AddAccessory(accessoryObject) to do it for you, it might also work just to parent the accessory into the character model too.


I tried the parenting part it didn’t work, are you sure add accessory is gonna position the accessories relative to the character?

Yeah it will. Also make sure the ‘Handle’ in the accessory isn’t anchored.

Hey I tried using add accessory but it isn’t positioning the accessory either, I ensured that it’s unanchored but it still hasn’t made a difference.