Best way to create a 'Siren' beam effect

Essentially I’m putting together a Siren with beams that constantly spin, like so:

Currently, I use two Beams (with FaceCamera set to true) and attachments at equidistant points from the siren centre:

My problem is though, as shown in the video, the beams appear to ‘flip’ every 180°.

Is there a way I can fix this, or is there a better method to creating the siren effect?

Here’s the model if you need to play around with it:
Siren.rbxm (4.6 KB)

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Have you tried setting the “FaceCamera” property of the beam to false?

I’ve tried that, but it creates a 2d effect which I’d ideally like to avoid:

You could try adding two circles similar in look to the trails themselves, perpendicular to the ends of the trail.

Here is a quick mockup of what I mean.


This can be done a lot better of course.
Heres the file for you to experiment with.

Lights.rbxm (6.1 KB)


Works great, thank you

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yea but now it’s just a cylinder spinning around, it doesn’t come close to what a actual siren looks like lol

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@forever You should definitely try more faded edges like in the first example if you are unhappy with the result. I believe its possible to do it fairly seamlessly with what I gave you. Just a matter of experimentation.

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I applied a similar blur afterwards to achieve something closer looking to the first siren:

Tried to achieve that effect and seems like its nearly impossible to achieve until roblox adds a option where “face camera” doesn’t fix to one face following the camera but both.

Lights.rbxl (19.0 KB)

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