Best way to create moving platforms!


I am in the middle of creating an obby based game, and I have realised that there are so many different ways to create moving parts such as spinning bricks, sliding parts, parts that move up and down etc.

What would be the best way to do this because I know that you can use CFrames, tween positions, motors, Cylindrical constraints and so on.

what way is the best to go if:

  • I want it to be the safest way of doing it (the least amount of lag and glitching etc) - I used Cylindrical Constraints and there is an issue when heaps of players are on the same part… it starts glitching. I need something that would prevent that.
  • I want it to drag the player along with the moving platform.
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You should probably make it on client based on tick() with some physical constraints so it is unaffected by lag and has the best collision.

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How about NOT having the obby in the server but rather generated for each client therefore they each have their own obby theoretically. (This helps with physics)

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I would keep it simple and go with TweenService.

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