Best way to detect exploiters going outside map?

Hello, my game has a game mode where a team can only win when the opposite team has no players left. An exploiter can ruin the game by going outside of the map or no-clip and wait for the timer to run out.

I was wondering what the most efficient way would be to prevent all this? I was thinking of using invisible parts that would kill on touch or Region3, but I can’t decide which option would be better. Or is there a better one?


There’s no real general “anti exploit” that blankets all games. For example, what is the shape of your map? If it’s an easy, primitive shape, you can easily determine when someone is outside of it.

However, if it’s not uniformly shaped then you will have to come up with more creative methods. How are they getting outside of the map? Floating in air? Or walking through parts? This information could change how you combat exploitation on your game versus how other games do it.

For example, one solution would be to have “security nodes” (this is just a name) outside of the map that raycast to all players’ root parts every 2-10 seconds. The map should block the raycast from getting to them, but if it reachers a character they are outside of the map and should be dealt with.

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How exactly you detect out-of-bounds players is going to be specific to the geometry of your maps. It could be as simple as a bounding box check, if your map fits into a box, or even a radius check for something like a circular arena. Or it could be really complex.

You can use touch parts, or numerical bounds defined entirely in code. There’s no one right answer for what’s going to be lightest-weight for all possible map geometries.

This is near impossible because if an innocent player accidentally glitch through out of the map for no reason, they would get kick and they would be confused how they are hacking.

The shapes are different for each map. I need to prevent players going out of the map and no-clipping through buildings.

I’ve added invisible walls so it shouldn’t be possible for them to glitch out. There are no glitchy skills or anything in my game.

Your best bet is probably a custom code solution. You use parts placed at build time to define out-of-bounds volumes, and then consume them at server startup (i.e. destroy the parts, just save the bounding box data).

No-clipping can be a different problem, and much harder to solve if you need to detect no just whether or not someone is in a particular area, but whether or not they got there legally (without exploits).

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