Best way to do non physics tornado damage

Hi. What would be the best way to do a tornado damage script without physics? I created on that does it all with physics and, while it looks great and realistic, I want the game to be as least performance heavy as possible.

I don’t want/need an exact script, just some ideas and maybe a little help with how I would do it.


You didn’t provide too much details but I think you could check every 0.5 sec if any player is in the range of tornado and if so, deal damage.

I will need to know more about this to get an idea of what you want to achieve.

Hello, yes. Sorry, I realize now that I look back on the script I didn’t describe it properly. I meant to pick up objects, but I’ve found a solution. I’m using CFrame to rotate the objects that get sucked up by the tornado around it and move them up for a random amount of time and it works perfectly with pretty much 0 lag.