Best way to do this?

Hello im trying to replicate this movement of stupid babies game, that if u spin ur character too much it will fall how can i do this?


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From what I can see by playing the game for 5 seconds. The baby tilts to the left/right everytime the baby turns. Obviously, if the baby stops turning the baby will ‘stabilize’

Yes, i see that, but my question its still on

Do you have any body movers suggestions? I just came in conclusion that this may be custom character movement

This may have something to do with BodyForce, you can read more here.

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There is a thing called rotational velocity on parts.

It could be a loop in which the root part is continuously rotated until the turning stops.

Ok🤣, you legit called the game itself: Stupid Babies

Ngl, I like your concept, but btw, its just as if you move left/right a lot, then eventually you’ll fall down…