Best way to handle replication?

Hi, so this is something I’ve been thinking about for some time now. What I mean by the title is basically like, what is the optimal way to create moving systems that look smooth on each client? The best example I can give is how smooth Jailbreak makes their opening/closing doors look, and other stuff in general among those lines.

I’ve heard it said the visuals would update on each client and not the server. However, that seems like a really hard-to-manage situation when you have new players join the game. Like for example, if some one opens the door and then the server fires all clients via a remote to open the door smoothly, if a new player joins the game, would it not still appear closed for them?

And having the server do all the animating and such, would undoubtedly cause lag and undesirable stuttering and what-not.

So this is a tricky concept I’m interested in learning more about.

If anyone has any advice, that’d be awesome. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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Just use a bool value. If it is true then have the door appear opened for them, and if it is false then have the door closed for them.

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Would it? Servers are pretty beefy computers, they could probably handle it :slight_smile:

You could also animate the door (as in with an AnimationController as describe here: Using Animations in Games) and let roblox do the work for you.

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