Best Way To Make A Building/Game Map

An important, yet un-discussed feature of many games is a map of the game area or a building.
Personally, I find these tools very useful and have always wondered how they were made into a GUI.
I’ve decided to ask the developer community the following.

How do you make building/game maps from scratch?

Thank you!

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Usually I get a visual idea in my head and I sketch it out. After that, I just copy what I drew into Roblox Studio

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It really depends on the person.

  • Some people sketch their ideas, turning it to sufficient blueprints and building from there.
  • Some people gather reference, both real life and ROBLOX games/art etc.
  • Some people create a flat-plain layout of the map, highlighting and noting what different sections of the map will contain.

Personally I do the second one all the time. I choose what part of the map to start, if it’s a building, I choose whether I start from the entrance, the walls, segments etc. And if it’s a map itself, I always start with the terrain.

If you’re still uncertain on the best way that’ll fit your progression to building maps, you can try all of the above and see which one fits you best. Goodluck :sunglasses:


Thanks! I loved how you gave me three different options. I’ll be sure to try this. Just have to finish a game first…:weary: