Best way to make an efficient dash system?

I am working on a dash system , it is all working fine but i got stopped in one issue:

If the player dashes without jumping, it is OKAY!
But when the player dashes while they are jumping or on the air, they end up going way far than the are supposed to:
Example: without jumping, the player goes 10 studs forward
while jumping the player goes over 50 studs.

My problem is: what is the best way to get a somehow perfect dash system in which even the player wont be able to speed with the dash by jumping.

I don’t know if i am setting up the Properties of the BodyVelocity correctly(which is used for the dash system) or bodymovers aren’t the correct item to use.

Here is a clip: Image from Gyazo

Here is the properties of the bodyvelocity being used:

local bv ="BodyVelocity",char.HumanoidRootPart)
bv.MaxForce =,0,100000)
bv.P = 100000