Best way to make "skip"/pause, join button?

So, basically, I have a round based game.
And I have decided that people can skip rounds.

So my ideas:

  • Have a pause and play button (like the have on phones etc.)

    And the one active will switch to another color.
    Problem: People might forget what color is active or not.

  • Have a button that either says: Joining or Skipping. And you click it to either join or skip.
    Problem: People might think: “Does it say that I am joining or do I have to click in order to be joining?”

Yup, thats it.

Would love to hear your ideas on this topic or if one of my ideas are good enough. Thanks!

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I would have the button say ‘Join’ or 'Skip. That way they know when they press it, it will do the verb described. Adding the ‘ing’ is confusing, as you said.


You can make the text be “Join” or “Skip” and add a few lines of script so it says “Joining” or “Skipping” when clicked and then “Joined” or “Skipped” when completed.


I always have this issue. Maybe try putting “Currently Paused” or “Currently Playing.”


Hi a bit of a complicated idea but you could program the button to flash in a steady pattern (decreasing in transparency then increasing) ,displaying a cloudy effect, to visually indicate it is being used. Once this has finished it may return to normal.

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Typically in the case of a toggle button, I make it very apparent what state is currently being held by the button. If it’s not clear what state something is in without testing the option first, it can become confusing and annoying to deal with.

If I go with text-based changes, I make the text of the button the current state rather than the one that you will enter after clicking. This way, players know what state they’re in at the same time as being able to toggle a new one.

If I go with an image-based change, the same principles apply. I may also opt to use the same icon with a striked version to indicate if a state is active or not. This is typically visually appealing and helpful to look over.

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Hi, @colbert2677 @YoIobeans @EpicCheatCodes @TheodoreBalfour @Expoxide

Thank you for your answers, I will think about all of them and hopefully come back to you guys tomorrow with my conclusion and we can discuss further on my new idea.

Thank you


Bud, just name the button “AFK”.
It is much more recognizable by most players, and can easily be seen as toggle on, toggle off thing that can be changed at any time before the round starts.

The server can be like, “yo, this guys is afk. just forget him until next round.”

Hope I gave a good image of an AFK feature :joy:

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Right, I could have a AFK button that says:

Thanks for the idea, will come back to you later.

If you want to make it look better, you can instead make the button text stay at “AFK”. However, if it is off, the BackgroundColor3 can be grey, and text can be black. Do green-white (in that order) for when it is on.

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@colbert2677 @YoIobeans @TheodoreBalfour @iGottic @EpicCheatCodes @Expoxide

Hi, guys.

So I think I will have a button that briefly says: Currently AFK and then switches to AFK.

And vice versa, but should I say Currently Joining or Playing or?

Thats my last question.

  • plus the button will change color to grey scale instead of colored when AFK


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That’s honestly your own choice. Pick whichever phrase you think best suits your use case.

In my own opinion, Currently Joining would probably match more to Currently AFK. I feel like there’s a better phrasing to use in this scenario though, since Currently [Status] doesn’t make it seem like you’re entering a certain status. I’m assuming this based off of your statement of these texts being briefly mentioned.

I’d use the Currently [Status] texts as the actual button texts and then the brief flashed text would be “AFK” / “Joining”, if I were to adopt a UI outfit similar to yours.

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The word ‘Currently’ is quite lengthy, don’t you think?

Maybe do ‘AFK on’, ‘AFK mode on’, etc. Color change will be helpful.

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In my opinion,

User Input Service

I’d make it so when the player presses the Escape button on their keyboard they count as a afk person.

Toggle Buttons

I’d make a pause and a resume button so it’d be clear

These are my opinions. I think you should be the one to look whether if my opinions are sensible or not

Thought about that too, I think AFK On will be better!

Thanks for the idea! :slight_smile:

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