Best way to make snow drifts?


I’m kind of torn between using particles or beams, and I’m wanting everyone’s opinion on what they think the best method to do this would be. Any and all feed back would be helpful!

Gif of what I’m wanting to create (look in the bottom right hand corner.):


For the snow you want some white smoke textured particle emitters.


Use particles, beams are for things that are consistent (i.e. a moving chevron). You’d need to do a fair bit of work just to get a sequence of snow drifts in a loop (although it does allow for total control over what is seen).

Inconsistent things like snow drifts would be best with particles.

Here are a few particle tips:

  • Make the particles just fade in and out (smoke doesn’t just *appear* from nowhere, does it?)

  • Make the particles have a fairly high transparency (if you can’t see em, that means you need a higher rate) since smoke isn’t just a bunch of identical, fully visible textures floating around.

  • Give the particles varying sizes (on the graph, click and drag a node up/down to have a random value) just for some added randomness™

  • Give the particles varying rotations just for some added randomness™

  • Make the particles have some rotation speed just for some added randomness™