Best way to monetize and attract more players to a building game?

Hi! I am the main developer of a small building game called World Builder.

I was wondering how could I add more monetization to my game or improve existing monetization without ruining the core appeal of it too much (creativity and building cool worlds) and attract more players to the game, currently the game is able to maintain at least 90 or more players during specific times of the day but when it comes to profits premium payouts unfortunately make up a large majority of them (and they aren’t even that much too, sadly).

I am already in the process of planning to have the game’s UI redesigned and recode the entire game to fix many of the bugs that have been encountered frequently during gameplay, but any opinions on this would be nice.


well you can add monetization to specific things or maybe add an in game currency that can be earned when a player plays on your build or can be bought(dev products) and you can use the currency customize your avatar in game

your game is very cool ngl i was actually waiting for a game like this to pop up in roblox cuz the games that i like to play are this kind of style


Unfortunately the game already has it’s own in-game currency and things the player can obtain to customize their character. So I am not sure how either that could be improved or what other things beside it could be added to improve how much the game is actually making.