Best way to replicate constraint properties to server?

I have been having issues with constraints not being replicated to the server and it causes some unexpected behaviour.
There could be a lot of constraints in the world which could lag out the server if this is not done correctly.

What’s the best way to replicate constraint properties to the server?


Why not create them on the server?

Because it will lag out the server due to the amount of stuff there can be.

If the server creating them would cause lag, wouldn’t replicating do so too?

Yes it will and thats why im trying to find the most efficient way to do it.

What object is the constraints for? like a car?

Something like this.

Its a game where you can build anything you want. So its different for everyone else

I think you should try a few things,

The network owner is set correctly but the properties of each constraint doesnt get replicated to the server. This causes unexpected behaviour like this :

Maybe you could fire the constraint properties through an RE and have the server set it?

It’d probably be best not to try replicating constraint properties to the server in the first place because that can get pretty expensive as far as calls go. You can have the client send constraint properties over but you’ll have to make them authoritative of those calls. Like network ownership.

On the other hand, something you can do is have each client render the constraints and update properties while the server’s only job is to pass information between an owner and receiving clients.

But wouldn’t it require more networking if i’d send the information to the server and back to every single client?

Well you only need to send it back once when they deploy their build, right?

No it has to be done at all times. The properties can change because as an example, ropes can change their length.

If I’m not mistaken roblox servers are pretty good, so it should be able to handle it, but I’m not too sure.