Best way to save Owned items from shop?

Im workingon a shop Gui but I need the items you own to save and also the one you had equipped, I was thinking on making a folder inside the player with boolvalues for each item and a string value for the one currently equipped, Would there be a better way of doing this?


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I’d say saving the items server-sided in a folder, with BoolValues and saving using a table with all the items.

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I think what ScrxedDev is the best way too, when I was a beginner scriper I used “Hidden Leaderstats”, but this way is way better!

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What i do is save them in a table, and later, instance a value, with the item name for each item in the table. Which should be easy to do, i guess.

The way I use is to put an IntValue for each article that I have.

if InValue1.Value == 1 then
–The player does have this item

–The player does not have this item

I save those IntValues ​​in a table to save the articles data easily.