Best way to sponsor my game with 100k?

I was thinking to just sponsor 100k at once because with my last game I sponsored 50k at once and it has profited 100k+ in a 3 weeks with 200-400 players consistently playing. After further research it seems like the best way to go is to sponsor my game gradually overtime, maybe 25k a day for 4 days. My game definitely has potential to keep a constant 1000+ players and that’s what I’m aiming for. The game is basically the same as my last game with a different genre, more devproducts and gamepasses based on what sold well with my last game. Does anyone have any experience with sponsoring and is willing to help?

edit: My game targets tablet and mobile players.


I plan to sponsee the game I’ve been working on in the future. I’d suggest making it do that you don’t spend all 100k at once, try dividing it up so that you can gain more players.


I’d do 10k over 10 days. I personally think that brings the most profit. However, the ad must look neat, if it doesn’t you can’t expect a lot of players.

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Yes, you are correct; sponsoring over time is better than at once.


I am planning to sponsor my game 100k robux one time to get players, The game is Tower Of God!

But before that i will make sure that there is no bugs and more issues…

What do you think it well help my game getting 100k + visits?



Well, your game’s name sounds similar to Tower of Hell. What do you think will cause players to choose your game over ToH?

Also, to get visits, you will not only need a game that attracts players, but makes players return at a later time.