Best way to start out a Hotel

Hey Developers! I have a question for you all that I need to be answered, a few actually.

Firstly, I am going to give you some background information.
In March 2018, I started out my hotel group, Island Hotel & Resort, with my best friend, @seancool07777. Our biggest issue for the whole 13 months we held operations was down to one word: Funding. We were both not in a great way financially on the Platform, therefore didn’t have much funds for the group. This took its toll, and due to unforseen circumstances, in April 2019, our operations ceased.

I quit the Roblox platform for months after that experience, but I had a desire; to get into product development, which is what I am doing with @sasial. But I also want to get back into the groups industry, particularly in Hotels.

I have quite a few questions that I need answered. I don’t know an awful lot about the Hotels industry in these days, it’s been a year since I have properly operated a hotel.

  1. What are the pros and cons of running a hotel company?
  2. How can I get funding?

I have a certain view of number 2, but I still need the question answered. As of right now, I have a little over 15,000 robux in my roblox account. Sure, that could work great, but I need to allocate that for my product development, which brings me to my second point. Of my product, we sell 2 editions, one is for 2000, one is for 4000. Out of those profits, after tax, the group gets 1400 Robux, and 2800 Robux, respectively. I get 40 percent of those earnings. I am also trying to do building commissions, but its hard getting jobs (anyone with advice for that please reply about that with this topic too)

My current budget ideas in mind might be a bit ambitious, however I am hopeful that this product (A cafe system) will work out. It is innovative, and really the first time a product like this is publicly coming to the platform for anyone to purchase.

This is what I would like to have as my budget:

Developing expenses: 15,000 - 20,000 Robux
Advertising expenses: 20,000 - 30,000 Robux
TOTAL EXPENSES: 35,000 - 50,000 Robux

I need to have some ideas on how to make this type of thing happen (It’s quite hard now that we can’t even ask for investors on the DevForum), other than my product that I am selling.


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In curious as to why you would even necessarily spend that much Robux into advertising a group/product, especially as you wouldn’t necessarily make that much of a return from a wide general audience.

Coming from the Roblox Aviation community, the most useful thing that I’ve seen that drive people to your products is word of mouth. A well-managed discord server and name recognition across the community will likely go further and provide better returns than any banner ad ever will.

Next, try to see what’s in demand, and what’s not. I’d recommend finding bigger development groups in the community, building a reputation, and, when given proper permission, offer your services as well.

If you’re running a hotel, I’d recommend you to also stick with word of mouth, but feel free to experiment with ads. Just don’t overdo it and throw robux at the wall if it isn’t working.

Good luck!

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Hello, I’ve actually had a huge past within this industry and therefore it’s within my area of expertise, so let me make some things clear.

If you’re going into this industry, funding is absolute TOP priority, no hotel group will run without decent funding, so I would heavily focus on business management, and marketing strategies, before starting, I’d use any little funding you have to invest, be smart with the money, to make even more money, to then overall re-invest into your initial intended plan.

This industry is all about a constant-grind, you always need to be prepared for the worst, because anything can strike, it’s the riskiest industry on Roblox, because that’s what business is about: risks.

Good luck, and feel free to ask any specific questions.